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Blue poppy seed and coconut rice pudding

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Blue poppy seed and coconut rice pudding

(Serves 4)


1 litre soya milk
250ml soya cream
30g Basmati rice
Milk of 1 whole coconut
2 tbsp fresh grated coconut (without the skin)
1 tbsp dried very fine desiccated coconut (Dried coconut is sometimes sold as coconut flour)
2 tsp blue poppy seeds
2 tbsp icing sugar- to taste
Pinch of ground mace


Crack open the whole coconut and collect the coconut milk. Scrape out the flesh and discard the shell. Leave the flesh to soak in the coconut milk for 30 mins.

Wash the rice in water and set aside.


1. Boil the milk until it rises to the top of the pan, reduce the heat to medium and add the rice. Simmer the milk for 50 mins. Stir frequently making sure to scrape the creamy milk from the sides of the pan back into the milk.

2. Add the coconut milk and flesh, stir in the cream, sugar and fine desiccated coconut and heat for a further 10 mins on medium.

3. Simmer on very low heat until it thickens.

4. Take off the heat, add the mace and garnish with a sprinkle of poppy seeds.

Serve with a spoon full of date syrup.