"Gita's Lamb chops were a revelation and the peppery carrots and spicy mash were both first rate."

Toby Young
The London Evening Standard


Gita's Passion


Gita has always had a passion for home-cooked food created with fresh ingredients combined with delicious herbs and spices. But Gita is also a woman with a large heart and a sense of fairness. If she could have one wish in life, it would be to feed the world’s hungry children. Her love of food and her compassion for humanity are a true inspiration.

Although born in the UK, Gita’s upbringing was very much shaped between her family’s Indian roots, her desire to be truly British and somehow, to fit these competing elements into her passion of life, which is not simply to create inspirational and healthy foods, but to succeed in life, something that is not so easy for an Asian womon living and working in the UK. Motivated by her extremely hardworking parents and their desire to create something for themselves and their family here in Britain, Gita has taken on the challenge and is now moving forward, being driven by all those past memories and profound ambitions… to create, to be successful and to help others!