"Gita's Lamb chops were a revelation and the peppery carrots and spicy mash were both first rate."

Toby Young
The London Evening Standard


About Gita Mistry - Profile


As a young child, Gita used to watch her mother dry, grind, blend and store a whole array of herbs and spices in her special spice tins. It was a labour of love and Gita absorbed the passion and found her life’s vocation. As a result of many discussions with family and friends, Gita uncovered forgotten Garamasala recipes and traditions that were best kept secrets being handed down through generations.

From then until now, Gita Mistry has built up a wealth of experience experimenting, designing and creating honest home-cooked dishes that keep true to her philosophy of cooking with passion. She has become a font of knowledge on spice combinations, still using her version of her mother’s special herb and spice tins, and continues to explore new dishes and tastes.