"Gita's Lamb chops were a revelation and the peppery carrots and spicy mash were both first rate."

Toby Young
The London Evening Standard


About Gita Mistry - Profile


Gita Grew up in Bradford Yorkshire and has travelled to many different countries, including to her parent’s birth place – Gujarat in India with food being a constant passion in her life. Some of Gita’s earliest memories were of her mother┬ádrying spices in the sun and spending a whole day grinding them together on a large silver plate before storing them into her special spice tins, each with a number of compartments. Gita was often known to ‘borrow’ these tins and be found at a neighbour’s house, cooking a meal for all the family.

Her love of music and performance from an early age naturally led Gita to the world of dance from Indian folk to salsa and drama, although the latter was not encouraged in a young Asian woman.

Having been a performer of one sort or another all her life, Gita decided that she preferred to present rather than to act and, this choice made, what better thing for her to present than food – her lifetime’s passion!