"She proved she is a truly skilled and original cook and just how far ahead of the rest of the field she is. The one we have come to love and admire"

Jay Rayner
The Observer

Cooking for you

Gita Mistry Projects - Spice Services

New Generation Experience

Entertain your clients and clinch that business deal

Tired of taking potential clients or existing customers out to dine at the same old restaurants or worried that a new choice might not live up to expectations, the evening ends up a disaster and in the process you lose a crucial piece of business?

Impress even the most demanding of clients by having Gita Mistry provide an evening of engaging presentation to entertain your guests, whilst cooking her national television award winning New Generation Indian cuisine on your premises.

Gita will guarantee a corporate experience to remember for all the right reasons and if you’re lucky and feeling adventurous she might even let you take part.

Take the pain out of event planning

Do you run a hotel or restaurant and need to attract more clients? Perhaps you are hosting an event and want to present a unique experience that will have your guests raving about the experience afterwards?

Whatever the occasion, engage Gita’s full event planning service and discover why she is being talked about in every publication from BBC Good food to Yorkshire Life, as well as the national press and television.

Impress friends and family with the ultimate home dining experience

How often have you been able to boast that you had a real live celebrity chef cooking for you in your own kitchen? For the ultimate dinner party, why not invite Gita to cook an array of mouthwatering Indian food for you and your guests, in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately you will have to do the washing up afterwards.

Consultancy Services

Whatever the occasion, Gita is able to help you plan the event from start to finish, ensuring that it is an occasion you will never forget and probably one of the best culinary, entertainment experiences you have ever witnessed.

Don’t be disappointed by leaving it too late, book Gita now: booking@gitamistryfood.co.uk.