"She proved she is a truly skilled and original cook and just how far ahead of the rest of the field she is. The one we have come to love and admire"

Jay Rayner
The Observer

Cooking for you

Gita Mistry Projects - TV/Festival Appearances

TV, Festivals & Cookery Demonstrations

For a new angle on your media project or food festival, why not ask Gita to share her passion for cooking and her love of exciting spice combinations with your audience.

Gita is becoming an increasingly recognized household name with a strong regional following since being awarded the title of ‘Home Cook Champion’ by some of the UK’s toughest food critics, in the grand final of the nationwide cookery competition ‘Eating with the Enemy’ .

Spice up your promotional event or food festival with a unique presentation by TV chef Gita, who will share her passion for ‘new generation Indian cuisine’, demonstrate her award winning culinary skills and mingle with your audience afterwards to answer questions about her techniques, recipes and special spice combinations.

Gita will help you learn how to cook her special dishes and even how to prepare your own original spice combinations at home, in the office or at school. These highly interactive events featuring Gita’s ‘Teach Me’ tutorials and coaching sessions and are available for private bookings, corporate events or as unique team building and bonding events.


Gita Mistry Food can tailor our services to your event format and audience. For bookings and further information please contact Bookings and Events Manager Ahmer Iqbal on booking@gitamistryfood.co.uk