"Gita's cardamom custard was magnificent and her great balance of flavours and spices delivers a real kick"

Charles Campion
Author of the
London Restaurant Guide 2009

Gita Mistry Recipes

Red and orange pepper coconut mutias with mango chilli cheese dip

(Serves 2)


3 tbsp gram flour
2 tbsp rice flour
1 tbsp cornmeal flour
100g green cabbage
2 tbsp fresh breadcrumbs
150g sweet red and orange peppers
2 tsp fresh grated ginger
1 tsp black sesame seeds
1⁄2 tsp white sesame seeds
Salt to taste
1 tsp paprika
1⁄2 dried pomegranate powder
1 tbs fresh grated coconut

For the dip

125g cottage cheese
1⁄4 of a fresh sweet mango
1⁄4 of a red fresh chilli (deseeded)
Pinch of paprika
Pinch of dried mango powder
Good squeeze of lemon juice


Finely slice the peppers. Finely shred the cabbage in a processor and grate the ginger and coconut flesh. Prepare the breadcrumbs using a food processor. Set aside.